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Görenler Textile Company which has the principle of putting its brand mark of Erin’s not only in Turkey, but also all round the world in a high level by making an investment on thinking and working technical qualified working staff for 10 years.

Although Görenler Textile Company improves its capacity and quality for today, is full of modern and high technological machines, was established about 11.000 sqm in a closed area since 1997.

The capacity of our institution is reached in a monthly about 150.000 meters fancy fabrics production with the sum of 26 weaving machines. Those machines which have about 340” width, were composed of 8 units of dobby machines, 10 units of jacquard Somet Alpha weaving machines, and also 8 units of Karl Mayer raschel knitting machines. Further more, it will be added about 36 jacquard Somet and Dornier of weaving machines to our production plans in soon.

Besides this, our product range includes such as voile, organza,jacquard, backgrounds for curtains, satin, tafetta, damask and knitting lace fabrics.

Görenler Textile Company sells 100% of its products in foriegn market. The countries where the production is exported mostly are; Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England, USA, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Poland,Korea, Japan, Russia, Morocco, Tunusia, China and Saudi Arabia.

Görenler Textile Company, proved by its quality, technology,product variety and trustworthy to Turkish Textile Sector, showed that brand of Erin’s has deserved all the values to the whole textile sector in the world once more by participating the international fairs with its intensive laboured and well-prepared new progressive and innovative trendy products every year.



As Görenler Textile Company, our significant aim is increasing the customer satisfaction with the best communication, flawless, economical but superior product quality and fastest customer services. The most honourable reason for us is serving to our kind estimable customers high-quality products with suitable prices accordingly the competition conditions.
Without giving up from its quality, truth, honestly and hard working, with our workers it will go forward with this principle.

In addition to this, the most important thing that we produced all of our products under the trade mark of Erin’s is to response the customers’ expections, to deserve their trust, to satisfy the customer at the maximum level with improving ourselves and being the best at home textile sector.

To respond the needs and expectations from different kinds of cultures and to please our customers, our aim is reaching an excellent phylosophy of improved continous production and provide the participation of workers to improve the conscious of quality continously. Furthermore, making a variety of unlimited creativeness and provide the customers’ satisfaction of our products on both functional and etshetics, making on time delivery, working continously on decreasing the time of delivery and providing the stability of price.



With this aim, being institutional, becoming widespread and trademark, especially in home textile, being a global country by the power of envisagement, production productivity, product and service quality, prestigious trademarks, prevalent existance and finally, perfect human resources.



To be an effective on Turkish economy, making a stabilation, giving support to Turkish trade mark, to increase the level of rivalry at home textile sector, making happiness on our workers, providing a satisfactory incomes of our co-partners and maintaing the absolute customer satisfaction.

To response the needs of our customers at the highest quality, in a suitable time and with the minimum cost by sharing the common participication.

By following closely up the developments and improvements on technology and the market, investing our sources intelligently, educating with the authority of our workers in a suitable atmosphere to increase the quality.

To have the principle on making value of its shareholders and providing their income increase, obeying the valid legal laws without giving up from moralty of working, honesty and obeying the valid legal laws of our country, being a demanded firm in the market.



In every field that worked, giving importance to quality and trustworthy, giving respond to the needs and expectations from different kinds of cultures and please of our customers , cost of production and time of delivery, our aim is reaching an excellent phylosophy of improved continous production and stability.

To have customer point of view as we worked in the past and will work in the future, to be a consultant and to satisfy the needs of our customers.

To make a competition by ourselves, to interrogate and to apply the ways of ourselves finding the best, more quality and being more effective.

Never give up a compensation from truth, hard working and honesty also, to take into account of our customers’ benefit before our benefit. Consequently, being sensitive on environment and protecting it.



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